Painting is a way to think in pictures and then put that image down with paint. It is a way of thinking and caring and showing your feelings in the painting. It is a thrill. It is so fulfilling I think it is worth more than money – and that feeling never stops emanating into a feast of delight for me. And it never stops. If it does stop, it has to be as far as I want to think and paint about the subject. Or it gets painted again with another layer.

View of Lake  |  46″ x 48″  |  Encaustic Oil on Canvas

Black + Green  |  55″ x 59.5″  |  Oil

series-01-bShe-lala  |  44″ x 34″  |  Oil on Board

Steely Blue n Red  |  68″ x 86″  |  Oil on Canvas

Push n Pull  |  68″ x 86″  |  Oil

Push n Pull  |  5″ x 9″  |  Detail

Boom  |  72″ x 72″  |  Oil

BOOM – This painting is up on the west wall of my studio. I’ve never enjoyed a painting so much. I believe it is dated 2006. I purposefully started this work by covering one ground over another till it had great depth of objects and flying debris in the air. Still you are looking into all this flying trash that has no pattern. It is truly an explosion in which you would not be around long with its force. The very first ground was actually a feeling of steel girders in a high rise building, now barely seen.

I feel the image of Boom, the final form, is an exact picture of me being in the middle of an explosion in which I will not visualize anything more in the last half second of being conscious and alive. This work is the last half second of time – and then I lose consciousness. Then I would blink out!

Occasionally when I rode horses I got bucked off. Horses can be mean and horses can be pets. My dad used to say they have brains like little kids. When I was riding as a teenager I was very daring. Many times riding as fast as I could over wide open fields of hay and straw with the moon out. Riding a horse as fast as it can go is a lot of fun – especially if you’re a young scout. But when you fall off – maybe riding bare back and only have the reins and short hairs at the shoulders of the horse to keep your balance and hold on – you can fall off real easy going full blast. I never thought of anything bad happening. Never, ever thought of it. Or the horse might just be real cold and not ready to be ridden. And you go flying through the air – AAAaaaeeeeeooooooh. Blink, you blink out when you hit ground.

Waterscape  |  55″ x 55″  |  Oil

#4  |  60″ x 72″  |  Oil

The Next American Flag  |  60″ x 60″  |  Oil

Raw  |  51.5″ x 68″  |  Oil

series-01-lOil Field #4  |  55″ x 64″  |  Oil